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La Paz

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The city of La Paz is one of the most beautiful destinations of Bolivia. Center of government and politicic-administrative capital of the highland country, it is called "the most indigenous and cosmopolitan city of the country." It is located at almost 12,000 feet above sea level and has a population of 840,209 inhabitants. (acording to a 2010 survey). The main tourist attractions are lookouts, churches, museums, historical edifications, markets, holidays, etc.


This gorgeus highland city was established on october 20th of 1548 by the captain Alonzo de Mendoza. This, corresponding to the Township of La Paz and to convert into a rest point for all travelers that moved between Potosí and Cuzco. There you will be able to meet people from all the regions and thousand of tourists from different parts of the world, wich all converge among the diverse cultural conceptions and ethnical expressions that belong to this destination.


Settled in a beautiful valley riverside to the Choqueyapu river, its geography will allow you to be easily oriented and will make you feel challenged by the changing faces shown by the beautiful city. Due to the fact that the center La Paz is surrounded by different neighborhoods that were built in the peripheral hillsides, you will feel that you are visiting a class of funnel full of gorgeus landscapes.

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