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The department of Lima is located in the west central zone of the country. To the west it is bathed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and to the east it is bordered by the Andes. It has an area of 33 820 km2 and its population exceeds 7 million (is close to 10 million) inhabitants, almost one third of the total population of Peru.


Lima was founded in 1535 and it soon became the most important city of America. Today it has more than 8 million (almost 10 million) inhabitants and receives immigrants from all over the world, which has made it a mixed city par excellence. In the historical center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, there are splendid samples of colonial architecture such as the Cathedral, the Convent of Santo Domingo and the Convent of San Francisco, as well as beautiful balconies carved in wood. Lima is also an inexhaustible source of culture, proof of this is the existence of a large number and variety of museums such as for example the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History and the Archeological Museum Rafael Larco Herrera which houses Inca and Pre-Inca treasures of incalculable value. Nestled in the middle of the city are imposing archeological monuments such as the Huaca Huallamarca or the Huaca Pucllana; and on the outskirts of Lima and beside the sea, is Pachacámac, the most important Pre-Inca sanctuary on the coast, built in the third century A.D. Another great attraction of the city are its beaches, where water sports can be practiced, you can enjoy the sun, or simply, observe the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. During this journey you will also be able to try one of the best gastronomies in the world. The city offers a wide variety of restaurants and inviting locations, where you can enjoy delicious dishes, a result of the mixture of European, African, Asian and Andean cuisines.

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The geography of the department of Lima is interesting and it is characterized for being the most Andean of those of the coast, since the Andes reach the sea shore, at great heights. The Cerro de Pasamayo reaches a height of almost 1,000 meters, in an almost vertical form over the Pacific Ocean. The Andes reach gigantic heights less than 20 or 30 kms from the ocean and its valleys in the form of triangular inclined planes, with the cusp embedded in the Andes, barely extend up to 40 kms in very few sites.

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