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Pucallpa, The Red earth, is a city in the eastern central part of Peru, capital of the Ucayali Region. It is located in the Amazon plain, on the left bank of the Ucayali River.


Pucallpa stands out because of its fast and simple development. However, its social sacrifice could have developed faster due to the lack of help from others. Before the colonization of America, all of the jungle was inhabited by natives. Pucallpa originated in the central jungle where the Shipibo-Konibo ethnicity lived, one of the indigenous groups from the east of Peru. The first trips recorded to the locality were made by priests belonging to the Catholic Church. Much later, the Rubber Era arrived and, with this, the foundation of Pucallpa on October 13, 1888, sometime later surrounding areas were created, which annexed their expansion to the new city.


The city of Pucallpa is located in the department of Ucayali, in the central eastern end of Peru, on the banks of the Ucayali River, in the middle of the Amazon jungle at 154 m.a.s.l. In the city there are abundant trees, especially in scarcely developed areas. Its soil is like clay and dissolves easily, becoming muddy. It has slight land inclination, with an average of ±3 meters of elevation. The soil of Pucallpa is poor for agriculture, although forestry is carried out. The main crops that can be used within the region (outside of Pucallpa) are corn, yucca, banana and a large variety of fruits. However, urban land can produce obstructions since grazing areas are located in faraway places. Pucallpa has some important hydrographic reliefs. The Yarinacocha lagoon is located in the northeast and has a very small surface; next to it is the Cashibococha lagoon, with a smaller surface located at the end. The Ucayali River is the center of communication and extends from north to south. Additionally, the natural pipe of Yumantay is conserved, located on the right of the Centenario Avenue and halfway from the Amazonas Avenue (obstructed route).

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