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Its capital is located approximately 52 km from the frontier with Chile.


The department was formerly inhabited by the Aymara population, who commercialized various coastal products such as chili pepper, fish and seafood. Upon the arrival of the Spaniards in the XVIst century, the farming of grapes was spread, as a result of which you can currently visit wineries, where excellent wine and pisco is produced. Tacna currently conserves in its streets some houses with typical slanted roofs and in its parks and avenues monuments, busts and other elements proliferate, in allusion to the Peruvian heroes who fought in the wars of Independence (1821-1824) and the Pacific (1879-1883). The city of Tacna received the name of “Heroic City” in the year 1828. The monument of Alto de la Alianza is located 8 km from Tacna, where the Chilean army conquered the Peruvian-Bolivian troops and at the foot of which there is a cemetery with hundreds of white crosses. Another attraction are the petroglyphs of Miculla (close to 500), which have been carved in bas-relief in the rocks of the zone and it is estimated that they are approximately 1500 years old.


Tacna has mild weather, kind people and great commercial movement. The beaches of the coast of Tacna are greatly visited during the summer, they are generally open, have rock formations on the shore and a strong current, which encourages complete contemplation.

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