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About Charter

Charter flights provide a great variety of advantages over the regular flights. This flights can be booked without scales or with a more flexible schedule than regular flights for any destination. Also, they dont have the restrictions of regular flights: The minimum or maximum stay or the anticipation on the purchase, of wich the fee depends on.

Charter flights can be applied to flights for tourism, incentives, sports, music, or groups of any kind. The flights can be booked round-trip for the same day, or with a stay of several days at the destination.

Our fleet is composed by Boeing aircrafts 737-300 / 400 / 500 with a capacity  between 130 and 168 seats, all authorized by the General Direction of Civil Aeronautics of Peru (DGAC) after having obtained all the necessary certifications to carry out this special, non regular flights, inside and outside the country.

If you are interested in a flight , contact us at charters@peruvian.pe. We are at your disposal to arrange prices and advise you to obtain the biggest, possible advantage.