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Frecuently Questions

We made a list of frequently asked questions that made our passengers. If despite this still did not have answer to your question and doubts, we ask you call our Call Center at (511) 716 6000 or via e-mail to

  • The online payments are safe? The payment is absolutely safe. We have taken all precautions and have all the safety controls to ensure safe operations with their credit cards.

  • How I can make credit card payments? At the moment we are getting credit cards Visa, Mastercard and UATP.

  • These are the only payment options? These are not the only options, if you do not have a credit card, in Peruvian we offer the following methods of payment:

    • SafetyPay payment option, an option that lets you makes payments online, if you have an account at Banco de Credito BCP, Scotiabank, BBVA Continental and Interbank. Also you can pay cash at counter of the bank Scotiabank and Interbank.

    • Pago Efectivo option payment, this payment method allows you to make payments over the Internet or at any office of the BCP, BBVA, Scotibank, and agencies payment services Western Union.

  • Is it necessary to have a physical ticket to travel with Peruvian? Today, modern systems like the one we operate, issues the electronic tickets, so is no longer necessary to issue a paper ticket, instead we give you a copy of it, electronically which includes your booking code and number Ticket. Upon arriving at our counter for tackle our flight you should indicate your booking code or just present your identity document to receive your boarding pass.

  • What is the proof of payment of my reservation? Your proof of payment is the electronic ticket; it will receive via mail and can re-print if necessary from our site

  • Do I need to reconfirm my return? How far in advance? Reconfirmation of your flight is not required, but if you want, you can do with 24 hours in advance, directly with our Call Center (511-716 6000).

  • How many kilos I can carry ass baggage? Our regulations allow carry 1 piece up to 23 kg. of checked baggage and 5 kg. hand luggage at all our destinations.

  • What is the cost of excess baggage? The excess baggage charge is $ 2.95 (include tax) for each Kilo. The additional kilos of overweight are subject to availability of space on our aircraft.

  • How can I cancel my reservation? If you wish to cancel your flight, you must contact our telephone by calling (511) 716 6000, with a minimum of 24 hours of flight time.

  • What if I miss my floght an do "No Show"? In case you miss your flight, you should reactivate your booking, call our call center at 716 6000. They will take your information and give you the details of the reactivation of your booking.

  • How can I request rebates? Refund is granted when the flight is canceled by the airline, either for maintenance or for operational reasons. The refunds request by the passenger will offer depending on the regulation of fare. May be refunded with a credit ticket (EMPD), which can be used to make a future purchase; and also, depending on the method of payment of the ticket, cash, transfer, crediting the credit card or check payable to the company or passenger. This request should communicate with

General Requirements

  • Submit a letter requesting a refund stating:

    • Name (s) of passenger(s)

    • Identification

    • The method of payment by wich you made the purchsase

    • Copy of Identity Document

    • Upon receiving the request, Peruvian should validate the information within 20 business days and will process the refund.

    The calculation of the redemption amount will depend on the regulation of the fare paid, you can request more information our call center at 716-6000.
    Keep in mind that payment is made subject to the cut of each card, so it happens that certain payments will be reflected on your statement the following month, however for clarity can contact your bank and ask for the payment performed.

    • How to contact us? Call center: Vía telephone: Central de Reservations: (511) 716 6000
      Central Administration: (511) 716 6006

    • What are the service available on the web? Through our website, we offer the following services:

      • Web Check-in

      • Reservation space and confirmation

      • E-Ticket payment by credit card

      • Recommendations on flight and/or restrictions

      • Consult our itinerary

      • Know our destinies and detail of our services

      • Frequent Flyer Program