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Help and Security Information

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  • Safety in our Sales portal

  • Shopping Process Flow

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Security in our Sales Portal

Our site offers encryption technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) issued by the American company Thawte S.A. protecting our website and provides the confidence of our visitors in three ways:

  • An SSL Certificate enables encryption of confidential information during online transactions.

  • Each SSL Certificate contains exclusive and authenticated information about the owner of the certificate.

  • A Certification Authority verifies the identity of the owner of the certificate when issued.

This allows you to have the confidence and assurance that your transactions as well as your credit card payments accepted by our website are made confidentially.

Shopping Process Flow

Buying your e-tickets in is simple. Here there are the steps to follow. If you have any questions or would like assistance from us, you can send an e-mail to: or call us to the phone number +511 716-6000.

  • Select the origin and destination of your trip, date and number of passengers.

  • Select your flight.

  • Fare calculation and taxes to be paid.

  • Enter Passenger Information.

  • Payment and E-Tkt Issuance Process

Select the Origin and Destination of your trip. Date and number of passengers.

On this screen you can choose the kind of trip you want to make, one way or round trip, origin and destination, travel dates and number of passengers detailing adults, children and infants. Our Portal offers the possibility that if you are not sure about the date, the system can look for a number of days before or after the specified date if you do not find availability. After this screen you can refine or change your searching criteria in the screen shown below.

Select the flight of your preference.

After making your selection, the system will show you the flight (s) available (s) of your choice, you have to select the one that best fits your needs. The fares available for selected flights and the conditions and regulations of these are available on this screen. We recommend you to read them carefully before you continue. To continue with your purchase you may click on the button "View Rates"

Fare Calculation and Taxes to be paid

This part details the Type of Passenger chosen (as Adults, Children and Infants) and the price of each one. Before proceeding you must carefully read and accept the general conditions by clicking on the checkbox.

Enter “Passenger Information” and Start the Payment Procedure

In this section you must complete the information of each passenger.
The following information is mandatory:

  • Names and Last Names of each passenger.

  • Number and type of document (DNI; Passport, Certificate of Alien or other document).

  • Home phone number.

  • Cell phone number.

  • E-mail address.

  • Nationality, City and Customer Address.

  • RUC Number and Company Name is optional and only for customers in Perú

Payment and Issuance of E- Tkt.

In this step you have to complete the information related with the type of payment chosen by the customer. Nowadays we accept Visa and Master Card Credit Cards. After the confirmation of payment you can print the payment receipt. In addition you will receive the Electronic Ticket in your e-mail. If you want you can print it for your convenience.

Form of payment

Visa Credit Card

Transactions made with your Visa card, use a new service of Visa: Verified by Visa, which makes these transactions be authenticated and secure. After confirming the identities of cardholders, it reduces the fraudulent e-commerce transactions or in dispute, and it´s a way to satisfy consumer concerns regarding online shopping.

What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is a new service that allows financial institutions to authenticate the identity of the cardholder during the payment process purchases in all participating online merchants.

Benefits of Verified by Visa

  • Increased safety for consumers shopping online.

  • No special software applications in the access device of the cardholder.

  • Easy to use. It only takes a password and your Visa card to purchase.

How does it work?.

First, the cardholder must register for the service, only for the first time, by visiting his Issuing Bank. During the registration process, the cardholder will have to answer a number of questions for security purposes, after which, he must select a password to authenticate himself, and select a phrase which would be used as a message of personal guarantee for the Issuer Bank in order to authenticate a transaction

3-D SECURE: Technology behind Verified by Visa

The 3-D Secure protocol supports the new Visa payment service designed to enhance and validate payments made through the Internet. 3-D Secure is an authentication technology that uses encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a Plug-in to the Trade Server which informs and verifies participants for authentication during an online purchase. It also protects the payment information during its transmission through the Internet.

Master Card Credit Card

Transactions made with your MasterCard card, use a new service called: Master Card SecureCode, which makes these transactions be authenticated and secure

What is MasterCard Secure Code?

MasterCard SecureCode is a security service to protect you against the unauthorized use of your MasterCard while shopping online, in all the participant vendors.
There´s no need to get a new card or download computer programs , you don´t have to pay any additional charge and you won´t have complications. Once you register with this service, you will be more confident knowing that MasterCard SecureCode performs an additional step of authentication to protect your account from unauthorized users online.

  • Register your MasterCard credit or debit card for your personal SecureCode at the financial institution that issued your card.

  • Buy at participating merchants on the Internet and pay with your MasterCard card registered in the service.

  • During the payment process, click Submit [Send] to complete the order, as you would do normally.

  • The MasterCard SecureCode box will automatically open, showing a request form and they will ask you for your SecureCode, just like when you use your PIN at an ATM machine.

  • Enter your unique SecureCode and within a few seconds, your identity will be confirmed and you will complete the purchase. This communication is established between you and the issuer of your card and your information is never shared.

If you enter an incorrect SecureCode, the purchase will not be performed. Even if a person knows the number of your credit or debit card, the purchase can not be completed without your SecureCode

How do I register my Card?

To register your card and create your private code follow the steps outlined by the financial institution that issued your card. If you are unsure if the financial institution that issued your card offers this service, check our list of participating financial institutions (currently available only in English). If the financial institution that issued your card is not listed, recheck it occasionally.Participating Financial Institutions

Where can I buy with MasterCard SecureCode?

Click below to see a list of businesses participating in the SecureCode service. (For the moment, our shopping list is only available in English.) Regularly review the list to see what new stores have been added. When shopping at stores that do not yet participate in SecureCode service, you are still protected from unauthorized purchases with the benefit provided by MasterCard Zero Liability.Participating Bussinesses

Pago Efectivo

Pago Efectivo is a safe and easy way of buying through internet. It is comfortable and effective, because you do not need a credit card.
Doing so is absolutely free, safe and does not include additional payments. You can make your payment at authorized agencies of Banco de Credito BCP, BBVA Banco Continental, Scotiabank, and Western Union payment agencies.